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Georgy S. Nikolov

NikolovGeorgy S. Nikolov, MD, PhD.

Associate Professor, Department of immunology and allergology, Head of the outpatient office of “Allergy”, National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sofia, Bulgaria



1991 — Graduated in Medical University, Sofia as a Medical Doctor.

1992 — Research Fellow in Laboratory of Allergy at NCIPD, Sofia.

2002 — PhD in NCIPD, Sofia.

2004 — certified specialist in clinical immunology.

2009 — Associate-Professor of Medicine in Medical University Sofia.

2009 to 2015 — Head, Laboratory of Allergy at NCIPD.

2012 and now — Head of the outpatient office of “Allergy” at NCIPD.

1994–2007 — different specializations in Check Republic, Austria, France.

2017 — President of the Bulgarian Society of Allergology.

Scientific interests

Main scientific interests and activities are related with:

  • the immunological characteristic of the allergens and their mechanism of action in human organism;
  • preparation and standardization of allergen products for specific diagnosis and immunotherapy (vaccination);
  • methods for in vivo and in vitro allergy diagnosis;
  • the effect of air pollution (outdoor and indoor) on immune system and developing of allergy.

The most important results of the scientific work

He worked in the first Laboratory of Allergy in Bulgaria manufacturing more than 200 allergen preparations for specific diagnosis and immunotherapy of the allergic diseases. He develop and implement in practice a chemically modified allergen (allergoid) from house dust mites for specific treatment of mite allergy.

Studied the mechanisms of immunomodulation during allergen specific hyposensitization. Implemented the methods of Component Resolved Diagnosis of allergy. Studied and developed new allergens for diagnosis and treatment (allergen from ragweed, latex, shrimp etc.).

He has published more than 50 articles and 2 monographs. 

He has been a tutor of 2 PhD fellows successfully defended their thesis.

Membership in scientific organizations

  • Bulgarian Society of Allergology,  Member the Management Board
  • World Allergy Organization